Pet peeves: An hotel…

This is an annoyance:

  • I visited an hotel
  • I ate an ham
  • I own an hamster
  • I wear an hat

Yes yes, I know… for some (possibly most) english-speakers, the leading h is silent when spoken aloud, but when written it is ‘a hotel’, ‘a ham’, ‘a hamster’, ‘a hat’. It’s a consonant, and until it becomes a vowel, please, I am begging you, treat it as a consonant :)

PS: Don’t give me that bunk about stressed and unstressed syllables, and yes there are a few silly exceptions: ‘an heirloom’ may be correct since virtually nobody would say aloud ‘huh-eirloom’, the aspirated ‘heir’ followed by the softened ‘l’ makes it pointless to do so, but ‘an heirarchy’ and ‘an haircut’ are not as the h should be enunciated in both cases, regardless of accent when spoken aloud.

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